About Us

LNJ Recruitment has been created to make the recruitment life-cycle simple, easy and effective. The Directors of the company have conducted a large amount of research and invested time to ensure that the method of online-recruitment is successful and achieves a positive end result.

“The challenge when creating our business was to master both the employer and employee. Here at LNJ Recruitment, we believe our candidates and our clients are just as important as one another. We know that finding your next job or hiring your next employee is life changing, this is why we take pride in providing you with expert advice and helping you through your journey.”

Our thorough consultation process allows us to grasp your needs and desires so that we can find you the perfect match.

Looking for staff?

How does this work for the employer?

Step 1 – The initial phone call, this is where we find out more about you, your company and the requirements for the role. We will then set you up with an online account on our easy-to-use portal where you can view the full process and request new jobs in the future. Full training will be provided.

Step 2 – Finding the ideal employee, we will now source the perfect candidate for you – before presenting you with any potential candidates, we will have already conducted an interview and background checks to make this a simple process for you – all of which you can view on your online portal!

Step 3 – Presenting you with choice – After thorough sourcing and interviewing, we will present you with 3 CV’s per role. Only 3? This is so we can reduce the time it takes for your search, the CV’s we provide you will be carefully selected in accordance with your requirements so we can try to find you the perfect candidate first time round.

Step 4 – The Follow-Up Process – Once you have made your decision, we will take the next appropriate actions and ensure that both you and the potential candidate is happy with what’s on offer.

We don’t stop here, we will be in touch to ensure that the placement has gone smoothly. Our support is endless.

How does this work for the candidate?

We will start by gathering all the information we require to source the perfect role for you – We will only present you with options that match what we have discussed, we will take on-board factors such as the the type of role you are looking for, the type of company you would like to work in and the kind of people you would like to work with.

We offer you end-to-end support, from sourcing the role to post-placement support where we would hope to hear your positive feedback on how the new role is fitting you!